Photo courtesy of Jaimie Krause.

Photo courtesy of Jaimie Krause.


I am Virginia, a Saint Louis-based freelance photographer specializing in capturing wedding stories. This wonderful, diversified city is now home, although I grew up in Hilo, Hawaii, where I acquired my love for rain, the sound of water, plant life and an interest in sustainability. 

I have always been drawn toward subjects involving art and expression. I've played piano since I was five years old and later explored painting and ceramics. I eventually discovered photography while in community college and loved how this medium could connect me with so many people and facets of life, yet to be explored. 

Continuing my interest in education, I pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at University of Missouri in St. Louis. I met many wonderful colleagues and developed meaningful friendships. The inspiration of school is being surrounded by active minds, immersed in the work, seeing it displayed in hallways and the continuing flow of imaginative ideas. The first weddings I photographed were of a classmate and my art gallery director. I had not imagined that this is what I would end up loving, but there is a lot to love.

Weddings are inspiring to me, because they are a fusion of the best things in life; family and friends, laughter, delicious food, flowers, music and a celebration of life. I have a soft spot for small, intimate, non-traditional weddings. My photos are not so traditional and you won't see me checking off a shot list and setting up moments throughout the day. I'm a story teller, capturing real moments as they happen.

My work is influenced by architecture and light. I love the spontaneity of wandering down a street and discovering wonderful and unexpected locations. On the contrast, I've always felt at home in the woods, in nature and near water, so I'm naturally filled with inspiration in these elements.  

On my own time, I enjoy the great outdoors, gardening, hiking, experimenting with music, painting, shooting film and going to art or music shows. I also love staying at home and being completely introverted, sipping coffee and working on projects. I love puns, cats, tea, shrubbery, being weird, traveling, dogs, raccoons and anything alive really. I love being a human.

Anyway, enough about me--I would love to hear about you! 

Photo courtesy of Katie Forbis.

Photo courtesy of Katie Forbis.